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Oral sex is the form of sex in which partners use their lips, tongue, and mouth to stimulate genitals for sexual pleasure.

There are several benefits of having oral sex and its a good part to include in foreplay.

Oral sex is the best form of sex which most young adults and mature people enjoy more than other forms of sex.

According to vegas milfs, oral sex is not the same for everyone, different people do it differently. There are several ways of lick, kiss, suck and stimulate while doing oral sex.

Milfs in vegas suggests that doing oral sex without protection can cause several infections and sexually transmitted diseases. The main question that everyone has in their mind is that is oral sex safe or not?. in escorts opinion, having oral sex is safe than other forms of sex but lack of precaution and proper protection can lead to the transfer of infections even in oral sex.

Tips by escort for better oral sex

Whether you are a male or female, there is some level of nervousness while having oral sex. Here are some tops that las vegas milf suggest to use which improve your oral sex with your partner.

  • Communicate and share your thoughts:- Oral sex can make you or your partner nervous as you get to feel each part of their mind and body. To make oral sex comfortable, communicate first and share your thoughts and feelings about your partner and how they make you feel and enjoy.

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